I recently came across Wibki.com. Wibki promises to change the way you browse the web.

Basically, it’s website bookmarking but in a fun and visual way. And quite frankly, I like it cause I’ve alway’s hated the crappy way bookmarks are currently organized and styled.

So Wibki is a bookmarking service with a difference – it looks great, and the simple tiled arrangement makes finding your favorite stuff very easy. But it’s also a great way to discover new stuff.

As part of the sign-up, you’re asked what your favorite sites are and also what you’re in to. Whether it’s art, news, sport, technology, whatever, add it to your list and this is the content that will be brought to your attention every time you log in.

I like the interface, I like that new content loads quickly and I like the fact you get to see what your friends are looking at too, with some seamless social integration. So why not give it a try yourself and make sure to bookmark 24sessions.com!